Spiralized courgette with pesto served with jumbo king prawns

Pesto courgette noodles with chilli and garlic prawns

Spiralized courgettes (zucchini) cooked in a pesto sauce and served with chilli and garlic infused prawns.

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Quinoa with lemon and asparagus served in a deep white dish

Spring quinoa with asparagus

A refreshing vegan-friendly dish made with quinoa and seasonal Springtime vegetables such as asparagus.

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Spiced pork fillet served with mango salsa

Spicy pork fillet with mango salsa

Pork fillets marinated with aromatic spices and served with sweet tropical mango salsa. This colourful dish can be enjoyed with roasted sweet potatoes if desired.

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Chickpea and sweet potato cakes with mixed leaves

Chickpea and sweet potato cakes

Sweet and aromatic in flavour, these cakes can be enjoyed with a salad and a relish of your choice.

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Honey and lemon cheesecake with chocolate sauce and raspberries

Naturally sweetened honey and lemon cheesecake

A light and delicious honey sweetened cheesecake topped with an indulgent chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries. This classic treat only requires the base to be baked; the filling just requires mixing and refrigeration for an hour.

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Smoky pork chop on a bed of tomatoes and chipotle beans

Smoky pork chop with chipotle beans

A quick and easy way to griddle a pork chop with a smoky-like flavour. The chipotle beans give the meal a real fiery kick. For heat lovers, add more chipotle sauce to feed your chilli fetish.

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White fish wrapped in Parma ham served on a bed of butterbeans

Fish in blankets with garlic and rosemary butter beans

Any sustainable white fish fillets can be used for this recipe. Wrapping each fillet in parma ham gives this an added twist. The fish is then served on a bed of creamy garlic and rosemary infused butterbeans.

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Homemade banana bread naturally sweetened with dates and honey

Date and walnut banana bread

A delicious tea-time treat that is naturally sweetened with ripe bananas, dates, and honey. Not only is it free from refined sugars, but it is also gluten-free and dairy-free!

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Chocolate chickpea cake served with fresh strawberries

Chocolate chickpea cake

Would you believe this gorgeous looking chocolate cake is made from chickpeas! And, it is even free from refined sugars!

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Lamb and dauphinoise hotpot with figs and dates

Lamb and dauphinoise hotpot with figs and dates

Comfort food in a pot! Slow cooked lamb sweetened with figs and dates, topped with potatoes in a creamy sauce

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