Honey and lemon cheesecake with chocolate sauce and raspberries

Naturally sweetened honey and lemon cheesecake

A light and delicious honey sweetened cheesecake topped with an indulgent chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries. This classic treat only requires the base to be baked; the filling just requires mixing and refrigeration for an hour.

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Homemade banana bread naturally sweetened with dates and honey

Date and walnut banana bread

A delicious tea-time treat that is naturally sweetened with ripe bananas, dates, and honey. Not only is it free from refined sugars, but it is also gluten-free and dairy-free!

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Chocolate chickpea cake served with fresh strawberries

Chocolate chickpea cake

Would you believe this gorgeous looking chocolate cake is made from chickpeas! And, it is even free from refined sugars!

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Buckwheat pancakes served with maple syrup, fresh berries and chopped banana

American style buckwheat pancakes

These healthy buckwheat pancakes are filled with fiber and are gluten-free. They can be enjoyed with any topping such as blueberries, banana and a good drizzle of maple syrup.

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Baked tarts filled with cashew nut butter and topped with pomegranate seeds, blackberries and lemon zest

Cashew nut butter tarts

These little guys are refined sugar-free and gluten-free baked tarts. A filling of cashew nut butter gives a surprisingly versatile and tasty twist.

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Black bean brownies

These gooey fudgy chocolate brownies are made from black beans, and are naturally sweetened using maple syrup and sticky dates! This incredible treat is even dairy free and vegan-friendly - win-win!

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