Our story

In 2016, About The Taste was homegrown in our humble kitchen to create delightful ways to enjoy homemade food. We wanted to introduce a philosophy to help ease people into preparing their own meals using natural ingredients. Therefore, this would help raise awareness on what goes into food, as well as introducing many benefits such as saving time, cost, and even improving one’s lifestyle.

Our recipes use natural ingredients, with taste!

Today, we continue designing simple recipes that are not only free from artificial flavourings and preservatives, but also taste really good. As well as delivering tasty recipes, we also provide lots of helpful advice on preparing your own food along with its many benefits.

Making the tasteful change

We believe anyone can prepare tasty food using natural ingredients. And it doesn’t have to take up too much time and cost either. At About The Taste, we use four philosophies to make our food natural with taste:

Use natural ingredients

Sadly, a lot of commercially prepared foods contain preservatives and flavourings which have been artificially processed; and that even includes certain gluten and dairy free products. Our rule of thumb is simple: use as many natural ingredients as you can.

Replace refined sugars

We can’t completely rule out sugars, as we need sugar to survive. However, we aim to replace refined-sugars with the sort found in natural foods such as fruit and honey.

Go artisan

We spend a little more time to learn and make our own food from scratch using natural ingredients. If you’re unfamiliar with the kitchen, then slowly learn the basic culinary skills and prepare simple meals to build your confidence. Practice makes perfect.

Have fun and feel good

This is perhaps the most important philosophy in preparing your own food. Don’t make it a chore; instead, take an interest, have fun, and share the experience with friends and family.